Mountain Hardwear's go-to three-season sleeping bag, the Ratio 15. PHOTO: Jakob Schiller

Mountain Hardwear’s go-to three-season sleeping bag, the Ratio 15. PHOTO: Jakob Schiller

Mountain Hardwear Ratio 15 Sleeping Bag
MSRP: $260 (regular size)

Most ski areas are closed, but ski season is far from over. Now is when those steep lines in the backcountry are finally firming up. We're ditching the powder skirts and pulling out our whippets.

The Sangre de Cristo mountains here in New Mexico have a number of spring lines I love to ski, but the approaches can be long so most trips involve camping. I'll be headed out for a couple nights in May and I'm stoked about using the Ratio 15 sleeping bag from Mountain Hardwear. It's the company's go-to three-season down bag that's plenty warm for nights up at our usual basecamp around 10,000 feet.

I've always preferred down because it usually has a higher warmth-to-weight ratio than synthetics. And following a growing trend, Mountain Hardwear has stuffed the Ratio 15 with water-resistant down, which means the bag won't lose its warmth as fast when it comes into contact with moisture, be that from sweat or snow.

The Ratio 15 is slightly roomier than a traditional mummy bag and is built with something called Thermo Trap Baffles, which keep the down from moving around and creating cold spots. Like most down bags these days, the Ratio 15 (regular) is light at 2 pounds, 8 ounces, and packs down to almost nothing.

Conveniently, the Ratio 15 will also work for when those last bits of snow have finally melted and you're out backpacking or car camping. It might be a little warm for Southern New Mexico, or anyone who lives in Arizona, but it's probably just right for the rest of your spring, summer, and fall scenarios.