Patagonia Upslope Full-Zip Fleece Hoody, $160
Aion Indo Hooded Sweater, $120
Bluesmiths The Kula, $225
super.natural Combustion Cloud Max Hoodie 340, $250 (Fall 14)
La Sportiva Fontainebleau Hoody, $139

Junk in the Trunk: Hoodies

The go-to for spring apparel

I love Gore-Tex, but it's that time of year where my waterproof jackets start seeing a lot less action. In their place, I've been turning to my favorite spring apparel pieceā€”the hoody. Mark Zuckerberg likes to wear his hoody while closing multi-billion dollar deals or while announcing his company's next plan to take over the world. I, on the other hand, prefer to drink beer or climb couloirs in these ubiquitous and utilitarian garments.

Patagonia Upslope Full-Zip Fleece Hoody
MSRP: $160

Aion Indo Hooded Sweater
MSRP: $120

Bluesmiths The Kula
MSRP: $225

Super.natural Combustion Cloud Max Hoody 340
MSRP: $250 (Fall ’14)

La Sportiva Fontainebleau Hoody
MSRP: $139