Junk in the Trunk: Black Diamond CoEfficient Fleece

A sample of what's to come with Black Diamond's first full apparel line

Black Diamond CoEfficient Jacket
MSRP: $139

The Black Diamond CoEfficient Jacket. PHOTO: Black Diamond

The Black Diamond CoEfficient Jacket. PHOTO: Black Diamond

I have a closet full of jackets: bomber shells, warm down puffies, and lighter summer and fall pieces. It's great having a full quiver, but to be perfectly honest, most of these jackets only get used occasionally because they have such a specific use.

Not so with the Black Diamond CoEfficient fleece jacket. Ever since I got the piece last April I've used it constantly because it's so versatile.

The CoEfficient has a high warmth-to-weight ratio, so it's packable but also warmer than you'd think. I wore the CoEfficient on spring hikes and on high alpine summer nights and it kept me plenty warm as temps dipped toward freezing. It also breathes well and stays dry when you're breaking a sweat, thanks to a new version of Polartec Power Dry High Efficiency fabric made specifically for Black Diamond. You can tell the jacket has Black Diamond's climbing pedigree because the range of motion is enormous.

During a couple warmer spring backcountry tours when there wasn't much wind the CoEfficient worked well as my principal jacket. This winter I'm guessing it will likely be a core piece of my layering. On normal ski days, the CoEfficient plus a shell should be plenty.

Recently, I've also started bringing the jacket to work. It's cut nicely so it's plenty professional for a relaxed work environment and comes in handy when the air conditioning is on too high.

Black Diamond has produced a couple small runs of apparel over the years, but they must be fast learners. Like all of Black Diamond's gear, the CoEfficient is built to last and I suspect the rest of the line is too.