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The Inspired Demo Tour gears up for a 50-stop tour across the East and Midwest

Check your schedule. The Inspired Demo Tour is en route to a ski area near you. Henrik Harlaut, Phil Casabon, and Paul Bergeron are making 50 stops in 66 days, traveling through 10 states and one province. They'll be skiing with local groms and logging their journeys on POWDER chatted with Inspired Media Concepts General Eric Iberg to get the low down on this new tour.

Why a demo tour?
It is something I have wanted to do since the twin tip generation started. But, until now it was not realistic because the kids in the sport were getting opportunities to travel to nicer places then where they were from. Now the crew I work with is ready to see some new locations and spread the stoke on the sport they love.

What are the guys “demoing?”
The demo tour concept is a something I stole from skateboarding--they've been running demo tours for decades. Normally a skate or shoe company ran it and they were ‘demoing’ their products in front of an audience to show the product function. In the ski world the companies would rather have their athletes go to a competition or film with a big company than send their athletes to small resorts to help grow the sport. I plan to change that.

How did you choose the locations?

The East Coast and the Midwest are regions that do not get a lot of love from the skiing professionals because the hills and conditions are not epic enough. But people in these locations are really what make the ski world go round. They are the people that ski everyday in the shittiest conditions ever and love it because it is an opportunity to ski.

Is this a Down Home Tour for a younger generation?
[Glen] Plake was ahead of his time. All I did was take a skate demo tour and crossbreed it with the Down Home Tour and booyah--Inspired Demo Tour!

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