Second-place finisher Kai Mahler was featured in POWDER's Draft, a list of the top skiers 18 and under, a few years back. Here he demonstrates our editorial good fortune telling. PHOTO: MARK ZANDER officially kicked off the city big air events in Zurich, Switzerland, this past weekend and it didn't disappoint. Henrik Harlaut took the win with his patented nose-butter double 12, which is a trick some would’ve deemed impossible only a few years ago. Actually, if you took a time machine back to the switch 10 days of big air events and told the competitors, “Hey guys! Just a heads up, in a few years there’s going to be a kid nicknamed E’Dollo throwing nose-butter dub 12s at a city big air,” they promptly would’ve clicked out of their bindings, thrown their poles to the side, and muttered, “F*ck this. I quit.” In other words, nice job Henrik.

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