Hack Your Gear: Nature’s Hot Box

Wax your skis with Mother Nature's cosmic rays


Multi-tasking. PHOTO: Kade Krichko.

Welcome to a special it’s-freaking-hot-out edition of Hack Your Gear, the semi-regular column of DIY tips┬áto get the most out of your gear. We’ve already re-glued our skins and turned our yoga pants into gaiters, now it’s time to step into Nature’s Hot Box.

This is a fun and easy DIY for those that may need to slap on an extra layer of wax at base camp or those that are just bored and thinking about next season already. Essentially we’re trading out the old waxing iron for the power of the summer sun, setting up a ‘green’ waxing operation, as noted by a TetonAT blog post by the late Steve Romeo. Roll-on wax is still the way to go in a pinch, but this process is simple enough that it could seriously come in handy when off the grid or when you’ve got two beers and thirty minutes to kill. Keep ’em sliding with the Nature’s Hot Box.

Because the need for speed isn't going to feed itself. PHOTO: Kade Krichko.

Because the need for speed isn’t going to feed itself. PHOTO: Kade Krichko.

Tools: Skis, damp paper towel, warm wax (Swix CH10, Dakine Indy Cake, etc.), soft-bristled brush, sun

1. Rub down your bases with a damp paper towel to remove all grit and grime from your last parking lot lap. Contrary to everything you’ve been told on the hill, turn your skis to face the sun and let them warm up for about 15 minutes.

2. Apply a generous coat of warm wax to your bases and let them sit in direct sun until the wax has melted into the bases (about 15 minutes on any day over 70 degrees Fahrenheit).

3. Let your skis cool off in the shade for about 10 minutes and then brush the wax with a soft-bristled brush, going up and down the ski until smooth (there should be no need for scraping).

4. Go skiing…fast.

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