GoPro All Day Battery by Brunton

It keeps going, and going, and going, and going

The battery that never dies, for GoPro. PHOTO: Jakob Schiller

The battery that never dies, for GoPro. PHOTO: Jakob Schiller

Brunton All Day GoPro Battery
MSRP: $49.99

You've been trying to land that one trick for hours but just can't stomp it. Now it's the end of the day and you're tired, frustrated, and have told yourself you'll give it one last shot and that's it. With your GoPro on an extension stick you fly into the air, rotate, see the landing, and come down clean. Finally.

Skiing away you're pumped and can't wait to post the video online. But when you get home you realize you didn't get the shot. Mid-air your GoPro battery died and it just goes black.

This scenario and others are why Brunton has built the All Day High Capacity Power Supply. It's a juice pack that clips onto the case of your GoPro HERO3+ and gives your camera up to four times the battery life. The regular GoPro batteries work just fine, of course, but with the All Day on your camera you're buying insurance so that you don't miss that crucial shot ever again.

Might as well just keep recording. PHOTO: Jakob Schiller

Might as well just keep recording. PHOTO: Jakob Schiller

According to SnowSports Industries America (SIA), action cameras are the most popular accessory in the snow sports market at the moment with 121,000 units sold last year. That's a lot of cameras, so it's smart for Brunton to be providing accessories that help people extend their shooting capacity.

Because it clips onto the GoPro case, the All Day keeps the water seal tight. You're not supposed to submerge your camera with the All Day on, but you can use it in the snow and shouldn't have any problems.

In addition to powering your camera, it also has a USB port and will recharge your smartphone's battery two and half times. Included in the packaging is a USB cable with connections on the other end for an iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and several Android phones.

In order to get this extra energy there's a little bit of added weight—4.1 ounces—which you can feel if you're wearing it on your helmet or using it on an extender. There's also some added bulk so it's hard to wear with some mounts. But the payoff of added time is worth it.

Maybe the best part is the price. GoPro HERO3+ batteries aren't expensive at $20 apiece. But you'd have to spend $80 to get the same battery life that the All Day provides for just $50. And with the All Day you don't have to swap batteries. You just keep skiing.