Gelande Quaffing ‘Quaffifier’ Heads to Big Sky Wednesday

Regional quaffifier for Jackson Hole's Gelande Quaffing World Championship hits Montana

I am Gelande Quaffing and so can you! PHOTO: Sharif Zawaideh

I am Gelande Quaffing and so can you! PHOTO: Sharif Zawaideh

In an exciting last-second announcement, the World Gelande Quaffing Federation (which we’re 63-percent sure is a real thing) has added an additional Gelande Quaffing “quaffifier” event to be hosted at Montana’s Big Sky Resort on February 25. The First Annual Greater Yellowstone SubRegional Gelande Quaffing Quaffifier will be held a week ahead of the Eighth Annual Gelande Quaffing World Championships, scheduled for Teton Village, Wyoming.

Gelande Quaffing, a game designed around catching mugs of sliding beer across a slick table with varying degrees of creativity, originated with the famed Jackson Hole Air Force back in the 1980s. Legend has it that a bartender at the old Bear Claw bar sent a beer flying down and off the counter, where a grizzled skier narrowly saved the mug before it hit the ground. A celebratory beer-chug ensued, and Gelande Quaffing was born.

(Video of the legendary ’08 Finals between the VC and JH Patrol. We highly recommend the 2:22 mark. Skiers are the best.)

In 2008, the Village Cafe introduced the Gelande Quaffing World Championships, attracting teams from around the world for an epic face-off at the base of Jackson Hole’s tram. Since then, teams have dazzled crowds with everything from between-the-leg quaffs, backflip quaffs, raw-egg-in-the-beer quaff, Penguin-bong quaffs, ski-boot-full-of-beer quaffs, and last year, live-goldfish-swimming-in-the-mug quaffs.

A series of qualifiers has also popped up in recent years, including this year’s inaugural event at Big Sky. Sixteen teams of four will vie for a berth in the World Championships on March 4 in Jackson Hole. Registration is currently open, $100 per team, and first beer flies at 4:20 p.m. in the Big Sky Resort Village. It’s Quaff Season, folks.

To register, click on this thing right here.