Field Productions presents “Supervention”

One of this year's biggest ski films is coming out of Europe

I never thought I'd see Terje Haakonsen and Tim Durtschi in the same movie. Leave it to the Field Productions minds to blow that misconception out of the water. Field has been quietly making loud movies for years now, dominating the European markets, while gently scratching the surface of those in the know in North America. When founder Filip Christensen announced Field would be making a two-year project instead of an annual, it made little to no headlines in the States.

Meanwhile, in Europe, Christensen is putting Field and freeride skiing on the map. Supervention will be hitting Norwegian cinemas on October 25. Finally, movie-goers will have the choice between the re-make modernization of an eighties movie or see the beautiful skiing of Eric Hjorleifson. I can only wish I had that option here in North America.

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 2.26.11 PM

I want my ski movies to feel big, like they did to me when I was a kid. Maybe part of getting older and learning the politics of ski films takes some of the magic away. Chistensen and co-director/immensely talented street skier Even Sigstad are putting ski on a big stage in Europe. While I could do without the gratuitous avalanche footage in the trailer, the visuals remain stunning. With all the hype surrounding other two-year projects this year, from Into the Mind, Valhalla, McConkey, as well as the follow-ups to last year's crop of great ski films, Supervention could get lost in your already scattered ski media attention swirl. Don't let it. This is not a film to miss and if Christensen and Sigstad have anything to say about it, it will be big.