Seth Morrison in Alaska, circa 1995. PHOTO: Tom Evans

Seth Morrison in Alaska, circa 1995. PHOTO: Tom Evans

Seth Morrison stepped in to something long and straight before he ripped through the Chugach Mountains and right on to the cover of Vol. 24 No. 4., shot by Tom Evans. Inside the 1995 issue (that's the year our interns were born), the big news was skiers at three New Zealand ski areas being rudely interrupted when the volcano they were skiing on erupted in September that year.

Turoa Skifield ski patroller Mark Sedon was sweeping the mountain when the thunder down under started rumblin'. "It was like fireworks—huge red bits of lava and rockets,' he said. Well, shoot Mark, that's a story that will get you a free beer at any bar for the rest of your life.

Flip to page 52 of this throwback and meet the Stitch and Bitch club, Crested Butte's sewing circle made of members of the world's gnarliest lady skiers, including champions like Kim Reichhelm, Kasha Rigby, Jill Sickels Matlock, and Alison Gannett. "We knit, talk, drink wine, and eat cookies—knitting's not required," said Gannet. The author also mentioned that some men find it unsettling to court women who have to wait for them at the bottom of the cliffbands, but hey, somebody's gotta do it. And you should be so lucky, men.

These hallowed POWDER page also boast the exclusive! first-ever guide to "budget" real estate. Interested in Tahoe? How about a 50 sq. ft. ski-in, ski-out luxury shack inches from the slope in a high-traffic area at a major resort? Sunken living room w/ pine bow-bough broadloom and backyard freezer. Listed for $50 or a pair of Grateful Dead Olins.

Rather tap into some of that Rocky Mountain pow? Go mobile! This faux-rustic beauty lets you set up shop wherever snow is best. Must provide own trailer hitch. Asking price for the decidedly rectangular home was $20,000.

Too pricey, even for the 90s? You're in luck. Duct-tape, 1 BDRM fixer-upper dirtbag special, 18 sq. ft. could have been yours for $20 and a case of cold ones. Of course, if you wanted to call this sweet space yours in 2015, you'd have to account for inflation. Make that a 30 rack.