Candide Back In The Park

Mr. Thovex takes a ride through Boreal in California

“Just talked to Casabon and those guys. Looks like they’re heading to Boreal. Might join them over there,” read the text message from Candide Thovex.

“Cool. Can I join you guys?” I replied.

“Ya sure man.”

There’s something to be said about watching the most decorated and celebrated skier of the last generation ski park again. That something is along the lines of holyfreakingcrap, though there must be a more eloquent way of saying it. From his hip gap at Superpark to Winter X pipe, Candide Kamera, the Freeride World Tour and, most recently, Few Words, Candide embodies the ideal of being a complete skier. After a few laps, watching him relearn his cork 5 with two grabs (two tail grabs), I wrote this story in my head. But then deleted it. My thoughts waxed on about how cool it was to see him return to his roots, to watch a clearly talented big mountain skier ski park again. That was erased as well.

Finally I asked him, “Why ski park again?”

“Because it’s fun, man,” he said. Which, of course, is the most eloquent way to put it.