Angel Collinson Guest on ‘Good Morning America’

'Best Line' winner Angel Collinson joins talk show live to discuss her 1,000-foot fall

Angel Collinson joined the hosts of Good Morning American Tuesday morning to explain some of her magic to the muggles as they reviewed recently released footage of a 1,000-foot-plus fall caught on film while shooting scenes from TGR’s “Paradise Waits” last year. Collinson, who won three awards at the 16th Annual Powder Awards, all rooted in her powerful turns on ridiculously steep Alaskan faces, walks Robin Roberts and crew through the tomahawk footage with her usual charm and grace, explaining what triggered the fall and how she kept her calm while protecting herself on the way down. Thankfully, Collinson was relatively uninjured in the fall and her footage was used by TGR in their safety-focused program for pro athletes last week. —Sierra Davis

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