An Adventure in Transition

Banks Gilberti tells the story of his season through film

This morning, Banks Gilberti released his season recap through his “Adventures in Transition” project. The video is a collection of Good Times, highlighting Gilberti’s incredible season, and is one of the more enjoyable edits on the Internet. And by Internet, I mean the whole Internet, not just the ski parts. Sit back, grab a coffee, and enjoy.

Gilberti sent along this text to accompany the edit:

Orage presented us with a very special opportunity this year to make a recap video of my 2011-12 season. We decided that we could really tell a story through video showing where the season took me and realized that we could give people an inside look into my life outside of skiing, all without having to do too much talking and all the other boring stuff. This video is going to be connected with Adventures In Transition, but only as an individual feature “season recap,” not a standard episode. We will be continuing our regular season as soon as we step back on snow and the red light starts flashing again.

There are no words to describe how happy this video makes me every time I watch it, and I really hope it can do the same for you. Jake Strassman, the mastermind behind this video as well as AIT, did what I think is his best work yet. As always, he manages to capture the specific mood in every video he puts together, and he’s done an especially amazing job on this recap feature. —Banks Gilberti