Afternoon Delights: Mammoth in the Spring

Parker White, Cole Drexler, and Will Wesson in the Sierra

Ed's Note: Spring has sprung and we'll be posting afternoon edits from around the ski world for your enjoyment. Think of it as an after-dinner mint for the ski season.

This is a good crew, representing three different styles getting after Mammoth's legendary terrain parks on a sunny California day. But the best part? The elevator music. It sets the laidback tone and I like it.

Most times in elevators, the music is the soundtrack while I'm quietly assessing the survival skills of the people cohabitating the up and down box. You know, if that thing gets stuck, you'll be spending the next four to six hours with them and the last thing you want is to be sealed shut with a claustrophobic nut case.

And now? After this edit? That music is going to take me to rails taps and hand drags. Thanks Mammoth.