A Few Words About Candide’s New Film

The trailer is amazing but don’t compare it to that snowboard film.

Words: Mike Rogge

I don't give two shits (or one, for that matter) about The Art of Flight. It is my understanding that the film was Travis Rice, Brain Farm's Curt Morgan, and Red Bull's attempt to present snowboarding to the mainstream. For that, I commend them. Aside from buzz in the snowboard world and Justin Timberlake praising the film, I'm not sure how much it actually entered into "the mainstream." Quite frankly, I don't care, either.

I do, however, care about the trailer for “Few Words,” Candide Thovex’s upcoming movie. Before we dive into how incredible this film will be (watch “Candide Kamera” 1 and 2 for a sample), let's make one thing clear:

This film will not be skiing's version of The Art of Flight.

That's not a knock on Brain Farm, Rice, Candide, or either film. The fact is, if you made that simile on an S.A.T., you'd be incorrect and quickly headed to a state school (editor's note: Mike Rogge is a graduate of SUNY Potsdam). As stated above, The Art of Flight was intended to bring snowboarding into the mainstream. Skiing, however, doesn't need that kind of exposure. If you're a skier and you want the folks of Middle America to know who you are, film with Warren Miller Entertainment. They've been producing films, with and without Warren, for 62 years. If you've never attended a W.M.E. premiere, check it out. It doesn't get more mainstream and Middle American than that.

That being said, I am excited about Candide's new film. He's a lifetime purveyor of style, one of the few icons in skiing to go by a single name, and has put everything in his life, from the defending a Freeride World Tour crown to producing bit video parts, on hold to produce this film. That's a risky but good formula of success for any film. Getting into a staring match with a wolf in the trailer doesn't hurt either.

In a dark Montreal restaurant last fall, I sat down with Candide, Tanner Hall, and Eric Iberg for dinner. Along with the festival organizers of IF3, we chatted the night away about the festival and ski films. As the coffee and dessert was set on the table, I felt comfortable enough to ask the master of the tail grab about his mythically rumored upcoming two-year film project.

Did it have a name? Who was behind it? Who was in it? When was it being released?

Thovex, a man of few words, smiled and stated simply, "I want it to be perfect."