One Night In Fenway

A gallery of that one time skiing took over baseball's most iconic ballpark

When the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association announced they were bringing Big Air skiing and snowboarding to Fenway Park, the iconic home ballpark of the Boston Red Sox, I knew that I’d sell my left toe to be there. Skiing. Boston. Fenway. This was not a call you let go to voicemail.

While it might not have the access of a Salt Lake City, Boston is a ski crazy metropolis, the urban epicenter of sliding downhill Down East. Still, because of its proximity to the mountains, the city has never been able to host a major ski event. That is until last week. Nearly 50 athletes from around the world, including Olympic gold medalist Joss Christensen and X Games gold medalist Jossi Wells, descended on the house that Papi built to hit a massive 70-foot scaffolding kicker and land at home plate.

Despite low temperatures and sub zero wind chills, the East showed up to the tune of 15,442 strong, turning Fenway Park into a World Cup ski competition with an urban twist.

As the manmade snow dust settled on Fenway Friday evening, Canadian big air savant Vincent Gagnier stood atop the men’s podium, while German park princess Lisa Zimmerman topped the ladies field in one of the coolest denim jackets ever worn in competition (no word on the exact details of her Goodwill sponsorship deal, but sure there are fair share of BOGOs involved).

Here’s a look at all that went into a ski event that will go down as one of the friggin’ coolest (and the strangest) in recent history.

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