Even Steven with K2 in Chile


There are two things the word "sexy" should never be used to describe: vice presidential candidates and ski lines. So when Jake starts bouncing around the van, saying "oh, those couloirs are sexy! Oooh, there's some sexy terrain over there," I cringe. But then I flash back to this same trip last year and remember singing a duet to Bruce Springsteen's Thunder Road in the hot tub with a girl from L.A., and figure I have it coming. After annoying him last year, I figure we're all square.


That's me. Even Steven. After weeks of flat water I noticed the swell had picked up as I was driving to the airport. But that's ok. I'll miss a swell for this. My ticket is to Santiago, Chile. The event, K2's annual fall training meetings at Valle Nevado. I prefer frozen water anyway.


This is serious business. Or as serious as K2 gets. If you were to say the crew from Seattle is the most fun in the ski industry, you'd get no argument from me. Between laps of testing skis for the 09/10 season and nightly meetings where we discuss such pressing topics as the future of the industry, the pros and cons of a flat tail and Chile's chances of qualifying for the world cup, there is a veritable comedic routine. There is also a lot of Chilean lagers, red wines, fondue, pasta, hot tubs…


We're on day three of the five-day excursion. The four inches we got overnight buffed things out nicely. We skied Valle Nevado right off the plane, and lucked out with clear skies for our first test morning. Today, once again under a blue sky, we headed over to La Parva. We found good turns just off piste with no crowds to speak of. I have the shots to prove it. Or had. A quick reminder: after you take a picture, take the four seconds to zip your pocket. Regardless of how bad you have to take a leak.


But it's a small price to pay. I lost my new G9, but in the grand scheme, that's minor. I'm skiing creamy snow in September. Was flown down here Business class, and getting treated like a pimp. If the only thing that hops on the Karma bus is my camera, I'll take it. That's how it goes when you're Even Steven.