I just saw the first screening of Nitro Circus 3D which will be in theaters August 8th. We've worked so hard on this movie the past two years and can't wait for the world to see what we've been up to. There are some amazing accomplishments and even more amazing crashes. We pushed ourselves to new limits to make a movie we're very proud of. Don't miss it in theaters.


The last book I read was Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell. The book breaks down numerous factors that contribute to high levels of success. Malcolm touches on topics like professional athletes, Bill Gates, and the Beatles. He argues that their backgrounds, decisions they've made, when and where they were born all contribute to their successes. He makes some interesting points but the most important is the 10,000-hour rule. You need practice your trade for at least 10,000 hours to be successful. It always comes down to hard work.

I like to ride my bike, BASE jump, and skydive, but really I enjoy playing just about any sport. I love living in Tahoe in the summer because I can do it all right here. The lake is probably my favorite place to be in the summer.

Besides the standard social media sites Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which take up way too much time in my life, I'm a regular on Tetongravity.com and Powdermag.com. Those sites keep me up to date on the ski world. I also check out friend's blogs to see their latest trips and stories, which always helps to get the creative juices flowing.

I just bought my son Oskar one of those electrical John Deere tractors. I broke my femur in March and couldn’t ride in the Nitro Circus Live Tour, so Oskar filled in for me by hitting the mega ramp on a big wheel. I thought he deserved a gift for making the family some money.

EatING and DrinkING

Sushi is my favorite. There's a small unassuming place in a strip mall across from the Reno airport named Sushi Pier. It's the best. I will make special trips down to Reno just for an excuse to eat sushi there. Unfortunately, I'm a sucker for Coke…I know it's terrible for you but every now and again it hits the spot. I try to eat pretty healthy…lots of greens, chicken, and fish, but I'm definitely not afraid of ice cream or chocolate.

I just came off a long week of Nitro premiers and Summer X Games parties. They sound like fun but they get tiring after a while. The last one was a private Red Bull party on top of the "W" hotel in Hollywood. Besides the usual Nitro Crew we were partying with Reggie Bush and Brody Jenner. How's that for some name dropping? By the end of the night Street Bike Tommy and Jolene Van Vugt (more name dropping) were swimming in the pool with all their clothes on. Typical.


I'm old school and have trouble keeping up with all the new artists and tracks. My favorite album of the last two months is the Beastie Boys’ last album, "Hot Sauce Committee." The Beastie Boys have been a huge part of my life since the early years. Needless to say I was pretty bummed when MCA died this year.

That's a tough one…I still struggle to fully understand Twitter and I find most people's tweets uneventful. I like to follow friends to see what they're up to or stories they have to share. If I had to pick three favorites, I'd have to say I like The illuminati, Dalai Lama, and Alan Garner for a laugh or some insight.