Dumpage in the Southern Hemisphere

Snow is falling in New Zealand, Australia, Chile, and Argentina

July 1, 2014, at Treble Cone, New Zealand. PHOTO: Treble Cone

July 1, 2014, at Treble Cone, New Zealand. PHOTO: Treble Cone

While we slather on the sunscreen, toss the Frisbee, and wear our shortest of jorts at the beach, way on the other side of the planet, a winter storm is hammering the mountains in New Zealand and leaving Kiwis with a fresh layer of white stuff so cold it squeaks under their boots. Remember how that sounds?

A cool 8 inches blew in overnight at Treble Cone, the largest ski area on the South Island of New Zealand, with ski resort officials saying there's even more snow higher up. That nice layer of fresh combined with snowmaking efforts will allow the Wanaka-based ski area to open on Friday, July 4. And more snow is on the way. The forecast for the coming days shows light snow showers across the mountain and freezing temperatures.

Meanwhile down under, Aussie skiers are still shoveling themselves out of a record storm that brought some 20 inches of snow to the mountains near Victoria, Australia. The snow report at Perisher ski area is already boasting a 40-inch base with 45 lifts open, and from the looks of media reports, it's full-on storm skiing.

Things are looking good down in South America, too. POV edits complete with 30-foot drops into creamy pow are already coming out of Argentina. And most Chilean ski resorts, including Valle Nevado, Portillo, El Colorado, and La Parva, are already open.

So what's the moral of this story? Stop daydreaming about skiing while you're ironing the American flag and marinating the ribs for the barbecue on Friday. Just buy the dang plane ticket and fly back to winter land.