The second issue of Powder’s 40th anniversary publishing season—October 2011/#40.2—hits newsstands today (Tuesday, Sept. 20). We invite you to pick up a copy, if your mailman hasn’t already delivered it to your door… because here’s what in it:


Band of Brothers. Fourteen skiers keep the world’s snowiest ski area safe and open to the masses. During the 2010-11 season, the Mount Baker Ski Patrol endured storms that dropped 15 feet in 14 days, eventually causing a 10-year, class-five, 16-foot fracture. Despite the grueling work, they managed to stay alive. And ski. Hard. By Dan Kostrzewki
Web Carving. Mike Douglas has made his mark on skiing. Now, he reaffirms his impact by innovating the ski film genre with compelling webisodes and short films for the festival circuit. By Mitchell Scott
Expedition Vacation. In the 2000s, ski towns were crushed by development, which drove skiers further into the wild. Now that the boom is over, it’s time to collect our rightful inheritance: The Ski Vacation. By Hans Ludwig


Raising the Bar. Every apparel company uses some fancy schmancy waterproof, breathable, sweat-resistant, trademarked, Love Potion No. 9-emitting fabric. This is what the Powder editors select for outerwear that holds up on the slopes.
Apparel Catalog. In the biggest Powder Apparel Guide yet, 19 brands introduce the coolest outerwear on the planet. Stay cozy, my friends.


Intro. By Derek Taylor
Shooting Gallery. Photographs by Adam Clark, Adam Barker, Alexander Klun, Blake Jorgenson, Mattias Fredriksson, and Erik Seo
Latitudes. Known for its inimitable granite rock walls and core climbing scene, Yosemite National Park became a skier’s dream in 2011. By J.T. Holmes
Fall Line. Slopestyle hits the streets, Junior Bounous is the godfather of powder skiing, getting Minnesota Niced, avalanche airbag packs, and Kiwis ski to escape quake carnage. Plus, John Symms pays homage to the ski area.
Powder Girl. Kim Havell and Telluride’s Little Wasatch Ridge.
What’s In. The Shooting Star Saloon in Huntsville, Utah.
Jaded Local. One man’s infatuation with female ski racers.
Morpheme. Father knows best.
All Time. Working in the trenches at Brian Head, Utah.
Posthole. Jagar Bombing in B-Lot and an engineering student’s happy place.
Backscratcher. “Out Of This World” from Vol. 8, Issue 4, December 1979.
Shot in the Back. Photograph by Brian Mohr

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