Dreamy Powder Turns In Chamonix, France

Skiing Chamonix in January 2012 with Seth Morrison, Nate Wallace, Dave Rosenbarger, and a bunch of Euros

Words: Hans Ludwig

Meanwhile in Chamonix…

After two years of brutal drought, there’s snow down to the valley floor and sometime Powder corespondent and full-time powder skier Nathan Wallace has Dropped An Edit straight from the underbelly, a visual dispatch from the storm crows flying deep in the mists of the lower forest.

There are no tricks in this video. There’s only one “line”, and it’s not a notable descent; only one pro skier or person that you’ve heard of, and he’s actually on vacation from filming. It’s just friends skiing powder.

But it’s the JP Auclair Urban Edit of friends skiing powder. Eleventy-bajillion fathoms of holy mother of god blower to the valley floor, some of the heaviest skiers in Cham dropping the longest lift served runs on the planet during a once-a-decade powder cycle, blink-and-it’s-gone moments of absolute death exposure madness, Seth Morrison returns to Chamonix without a camera crew to take a little personal powder holiday…

Black is the new black.