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Squaw Valley Breaks All-Time Season Snowfall Record

Photo: Tess Weaver

Photo: Tess Weaver

By Tess Weaver

Last week marked only the third time since 1970 that Squaw Valley has topped 600 inches (that's 50 feet) of snowfall in a season. It's pretty much been a never-ending powder day since then. Thursday night brought 45 inches (that's right, 45 inches in a single night) and on Friday morning, Squaw reported 680 inches, breaking its all-time season snowfall record.


It snowed the rest of Friday, snowed another seven inches Friday night and guess what? It's been snowing and blowing all day Saturday, with two more feet predicted by Monday morning, which could bring five-day totals to up to eight feet and could push the season snowfall total to more than 700 inches.

Parts of Olympic Valley have been asked to evacuate due to avalanche danger. Many of the roofs around the village are supporting a scary amount of weight, not to mention developing dangerous cornices. And I-80 has been closed on and off since March 20.

The only other seasons to reach a 600-inch snowfall total were '94-'95 and '05-'06, but unlike this season, neither surpassed the 50′ mark before April. Squaw's average total snowfall each year is 450 inches. With an unprecedented base, the spring skiing should be stellar through May 8, Squaw's closing day.