Forever Winter: The Covers of Volume 45

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I kicked off winter with the POWDER Magazine staff at Mammoth Mountain in November. Six months later, we’re still skiing. Here it is at the end of April, and just yesterday I was skiing backcountry laps to the road. There is still so much snow in the mountains that spring is hereby now called Second Winter. April and May have their ways of distraction. The covers of Volume 45 are a small reminder of winter to help you fight the lure of sand and the waves. Last year, we celebrated 45 years of “The Skier’s Magazine” and published stories on the Brotherhood and the youth, on skiing the national parks, on traveling to faraway places like Alaska and Norway, on the art of having fun on skis. If you missed a story, you can find them all right here.

Winter is not over yet. But magazine making season is right around the corner. Subscribe now to ensure the first issue of Volume 46 is delivered to your mailbox. We’ll see you in the mountains. --Julie Brown