This winter I spent two weeks in Nelson, B.C., embracing the lifestyle of the Sweetgrass boys, who are strange (and often nude). The result will be a feature story in an upcoming issue of POWDER.

While I was in Nelson, I went on several film shoots with the crew and was able to see early edits of their next movie, which they publicly announced in this, their final episode of "On the Road," that, combined with the poetic writing, director Nick Waggoner's narration, and the inimitable outtakes from their last film Solitaire, has been the summer's best webisode series. The film will be called Valhalla.

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It's still a year away, but, like Solitaire, it will undoubtedly leave audiences feeling something they don't normally walk away with from a ski movie. In this episode, called "Two Years, Five Winters," we see the crew prepare for the world premiere of Solitaire, (with audiences "watching your soul unfold onscreen,") as they take the film on tour in the Sweetgrass short-bus. As Waggoner says, "the weary highway of the weird knows no boundaries."

I look forward to seeing Sweetgrass push that boundary in Valhalla. See you in a year, boys. Let's get weird.