Coalition Snow 2019

The secret to designing women's gear is starting with women first. Women talk, we listen.

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People often ask us what makes a ski or board “women’s specific.” We could tell you our cores are made from tampons and the tears of fragile masculinity, but the truth is that the secret to designing women’s gear is starting with women first. Women talk, we listen. At Coalition Snow, we dedicate 100 percent of our energy and resources to designing equipment that amplifies your wild soul. Designed to deconstruct the status quo, Coalition Snow skis are built for women who know that doing anything “like a girl” isn’t an insult. Simply stated, we believe women’s skis shouldn’t suck.

Coalition Snow SOS

D: 117-97-111 @ 157
D: 126-101-115 @ 166
D: 126-105-119 @ 173
D: 132-109-123 @ 180
L: 157, 166, 173, 180
R: 25m @ 173cm

Like a good pair of jeans that go from the trails, to the dance floor, to the bedroom floor, the award-winning SOS seamlessly transitions from couloirs to groomers, to powder-filled bowls. We’ve designed this ski to hold on the firmest conditions and float through ungroomed snow like a dream. Rocker provides smooth turn initiation and a multiple radius sidecut gives you ultimate control over turn shape and size.

Multiple-radius sidecut
Full birch core
Rocker in the tip and tail
Mid-fat waist
Traditional camber underfoot

Coalition Snow La Nieve

D: 139-113-135
L: 168, 173, 180
R: 16m @ 168cm

There’s nothing worse than having your skis ghost on you like a bad Tinder date while dropping into a holy grail line after a slog uphill. With the La Nieve, you’ll never have to sacrifice commitment for a lightweight ride. At under 7 pounds, they won’t feel like a ball-and-chain, but they’ll have your back from the tailgate to the summit. Swipe right for smiles and high fives.

Lightweight basswood core with an ash laminate
Traditional camber underfoot
Rocker in the tip and tail

Coalition Snow Abyss

D: 137-114-130 @ 173cm
D: 140-118-135 @ 180cm
L: 173, 180
R: 24m @ 173cm

With a wide waist and rocker in the tip and tail, the Abyss will float through champagne powder and turn around and break up 2-day old crud with ease. Modeled after our award-winning SOS, the Abyss is a little bigger, and a little stiffer because when you’re coming in hot, size and stiffness matter. Oops, did we say that out loud?

Full birch core
Rocker in the tip and tail
Traditional camber under foot

Coalition Snow Rebel

D: 118-82-102 @ 162cm
D: 124-85-106 @ 168cm
D: 128-88-110 @ 175cm
L: 162, 168, 175
R: 17m @ 162, 168cm
R: 18m @ 175cm

You want more, you want it fast, and without all the chatter. The Rebel is the newest ski in our collection with a more pronounced sidecut that will help you carve up smooth corduroy until there’s none left. Two millimeters of camber and gradual early rise create stable, smooth, and nimble edge-to-edge transitions when negotiating tight turns in the trees and bumps.

Full birch core
Early rise tip
Traditional camber underfoot

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