The second installment of a new infographic series titled "Changing Conditions: How Climate Change Will Affect the Ski Industry"–built with data from Protect Our Winters’ 2018 Economic Report–provides a digestible view of how drastically and quickly the effects of climate change will take its toll on skiing.

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According to the study, the mean temperature of the planet could warm by 8.8 degrees Fahrenheit by the year 2100, in which case winter recreation in most skiing areas could experience an 80 percent reduction by 2090. The Cascade and Sierra Nevada mountain rangers are facing a 55 percent decrease in snowfall by 2100—just 82 years from now.

The infographic below is the second in a series being produced by produced by Justin Sienkowski and Joe Manni for See the first installment here.

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Changing Conditions: How Climate Change Will Affect the Ski Industry Part 2 -