Clayton Villa perfecting some skateboarding tricks. PHOTO: CLAYTON VILA

The last movie I saw was Transworld Skateboarding’s Hallelujah. Tyler Bledsoe’s part is ill; it's a sick skate movie. I’m always watching old Transworld volumes and skate movies, trying to figure out why skateboarders are so good at what they do.

The last book I read was Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. It looks deep into the flaws of society, one of those “why are we here” kind of books. I try to read magazines from other industries, mainly Skateboarding and Snowboarding. They do things like put trick names on every photo, and run a lot of sequences and stuff that the riders of that sport want to see. I try to search for things in their industries that we are missing, and also look at where the athletes' heads are at and compare them to myself and others in our industry.


As far as sports go surfing and skateboarding are my jam. I grew up on an island so we had pretty consistent waves. The main activity I do outside of skiing is work on the production side of ski movies, mainly editing but also filming. I believe that we shouldn’t have a disconnect between the rider and the editor.

The last item I bought was a sandwich. I guess a more notable thing is a surfboard. Well, I haven’t bought one yet, but I'm going to very soon. Gonna do some surfing this fall during Hurricane Season at home, so I’m going to want a new stick for some bigger waves.

EatING and DrinkING

I love burritos. Good burritos. The best are from Big City Burrito in Boulder. Unfortunately, I eat like shit mostly all winter, when I am hitting urban we don’t have much spare time to eat or money to spare so we spend a lot of time at Subway and gas stations.

I live on Block Island, Rhode Island, and the bars close at 1 o’clock so we usually try to keep the night rolling with a fire. They usually stay pretty mellow but every once in a while we have over 100 people partying around a fire and it gets pretty reckless.


I have gotten super into Screamin’ Jay Hawkins this season, so much so that I edited my Stept segment to one of his songs. Dude was a boss. Then I have my usual Pink Floyd, James Brown, Jimmy Hendrix fix… and always some rap to ski to. I have a pretty short attention span for rap so I usually just take songs from my homies who download more music.