My sister-in-law answered the phone on Christmas morning, and the first thing she asked me was if I got a stocking from Santa. I said no, which seemed like the truth at the time. The reality is my stocking has been stuffed all week.  I rolled into Utah on December 14 to work on the edit for the Powder Video Awards AV presentation. The snow started the day before I got here, and hasn’t let up since. For most of that first week, I was holed up with Eric Bakst, our video editor. But with storms rolling in steadily, we got up every morning or afternoon for a few a hours at least.   But that first round of storms came in with a lot of wind, which smoothed everything out nicely, but it wasn’t the Greatest Snow on Earth Utah is known for. That changed two days before Christmas. The next round came in light and dry, and with the Collins lift down for repairs, a lot of the crowds opted for Snowbird. For those of us who braved a windy East Badly Traverse, that meant country club skiing at Alta. West Rustler stayed untracked all day. The snow let up briefly for Christmas Eve and came back with a furor on Christmas Morning. 60 mile-per-hour winds had the Collins lift closed again. In fact, the whole mountain except Wildcat was closed. Christmas dinner, and a temporary road closure at 2:30 sent the crowds away. Those who stuck around were treated to all-time tree skiing on what felt like our own private ski lift. Today, the day after Christmas, the snow is still falling, and more is in the forecast. The beauty of it all is I’m hearing similar reports from throughout ski country. The holiday pressure is off. It’s time to relax and ski!  Eric Bakst takes a break from editing at Alta