We’d (Probably) Rather See Candide Ski Snow

Candide Thovex proves you don't need snow to have fun on skis—but we still wish there was some

The reigning king of viral ski videos, Candide Thovex graced the small screen yet again with his new edit “Quattro 2” that dropped earlier this week. Partnering with Audi, Candide’s newest clip showcases him skiing the world, from green pastures in Northern Europe to dense jungles in Central Asia, covering nearly every biome imaginable—except snow.

Watch One of Those Days 1 and One of Those Days 2.

While having only been online for 72 hours, the video has already garnered nearly a million views on YouTube, which comes as no surprise, as nearly every edit Candide has put out since his first “One of Those Days” videos in 2014 has instantly gone viral, even outside the ski community. His second OOTD edit currently sits at 22 million views on YouTube.

His second video with Audi, Quattro 2 doesn’t feature a single clip shot on snow. Similar to his first video with Audi, which featured Candide shredding the grassy slopes of a French resort, except this time around he’s skiing in places that have never even seen snow. From towering sand dunes to Jamaican beaches to the Great Wall of China (yes, you read that correctly) his newest work confirms yet again why Candide is one of the greatest skiers of our time.

Yet amidst all the hype, Candide’s latest video leaves us wondering where the line can be drawn between ski edit and viral YouTube sensation. Can you call it a ski edit if it doesn’t include a single shot of snow?

While straight lining down lush green pastures and patches of rocks reminds us a lot of skiing early season across the Rockies this year, and going surfing on a pair of skis is legitimately mind-blowing, the video almost seems over-produced and gimmicky. Leaving us reminiscing of the old, raw clips of Candide slaloming riders on the T-Bar and throwing massive airs inbounds at Chamonix, his newest work evokes more of a “Wow, look at that!” versus a “Damn, I really want to go skiing right now.”

That, however, may be due to the fact that this latest clip comes as a commercial for Audi, rather than a personal POV helmet cam edit, which, laughably better highlights the insane durability of the Faction skis strapped to Candide’s feet (and the work of his knee surgeon) than the all conditions capability of a car.

Regardless, Candide has yet again blessed us with another mind-melting five minutes of skiing magic, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

For those itching for more Candide clips that actually include real snow, below is a collection of clips pulled from his Instagram sure to make you want to drop everything and just go skiing.

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