Bobby Brown and TJ Schiller Shock the Ski World w/ Unprecedented Performances

Words: Sam Pelletier

Most times, watching a pipe or slope or big air contest live in person or on TV elicits some sort of varied excitement by spectators. But it rarely, if ever, mirrors the energy and release and endorphin adrenaline reaction of a deep, cold smoke powder day.

If you were lucky enough to be a part of the crowd at the base of Aspen's Buttermilk Mountain last night or, heck, even a spectator on ESPN, you were transported to a place that was beyond comprehension. Kinda like skiing blower, untouched powder. Believe it. Last night's Winter Ski Big Air was that astounding and unprecedented.

Bobby Brown, TJ Schiller, Elias Ambul, Russ Henshaw, Jossi Wells, and Andreas Hatveit—the six Winter Ski Big Air finalists—spun left, right, backwards, and forwards, making the spectacle undecipherable. But it almost didn't even matter. Because those six, especially Brown and Schiller, made skiing history last night, as each competitor deleted conventional tricks of the past from their respective minds and progressed (yes, PROGRESSED) the sport beyond measure in a 20-minute jam session format. Finally, the Winter X Games and ESPN event officials got it right and created one of the most electric events in Winter X Games history. So much so, that the palpable excitement trumped excitement to watch snowboarding ninja Shaun White go for the first-ever Winter X Games SuperPipe three-peat. So what happened?


Jossi Wells threw a switch double rodeo 1440, a trick neither he nor anyone had ever done. And he finished fourth.

TJ Schiller, the defending WX Slopestyle champion that failed to qualify for WX 2010 Men's Slopestyle Finals, stomped a double 1620. A double 1620 to his feet! No one had ever attempted a double 1620 prior to TJ nor thought about it other than in their dreams.

And then, 18-year-old Bobby Brown threw, stomped, and grabbed a switch double misty 1440 with so much style and silky smoothness that it gave him a perfect score of 100. Not only was it the first ever switch double misty 1440 landed anywhere, but it was also the first-ever perfect score in Winter X Ski Big Air history.

Records have been re-written. Pros and fans alike were stunned at what transpired. Jon Olsson and Tanner Hall (Tanner Hall!) could barely speak, they were in such shock. And much like a dreamy powder day, we owe thanks. In turn, thank you Bobby and TJ and Elias and Jossi and Russ and Andreas. You made history and we were lucky enough to be a part of one of the greatest nights in the sport's studded history.

Gold: Bobby Brown
Silver: TJ Schiller
Bronze: Elias Ambul