Batman. Or something like that. PHOTO: BLAKE NYMAN

The Dark Knight Rises. Batman has been my superhero of choice since day one and Christopher Nolan knows how to write a good story and make it into a compelling film. I was pumped to see how he brought the trilogy to a close, but I need to see it again to decide if I like the second or third better.


A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller. My girlfriend suggested this and I’ve really liked it so far. It asks if your life is telling a good story. If your life was made into a movie, would it be worth watching?

Try to mix it up and keep it fun: surfing, paddleboarding, backpacking, climbing, biking, waterskiing, canyoneering. I try to divide my time between the California beaches and Utah mountains, so whatever adventures show up along the way, sign me up. But I think one of the highlights of this summer was flipping a sailboat in Hawaii with my brother and having to solve that problem. It was a pretty good time.


I haven’t really spent any free time on my computer for a while. Between the occasional peeks at Instagram, Facebook and Twitter on my phone, I get my fill of content. I do like to get the occasional look at Wieden + Kennedy’s website to see what they’re putting out for their brands.

I bought a Chrome backpack, some Krew swim trunks and a pair of Gravis shoes off of Felt like I needed a new little summer kit.

EatING and DrinkING
My girlfriend and I recently decided to try a gluten reduced/free diet. We recently made a gluten-free dinner with fish, brown rice, cucumbers and avocado, but then we rewarded ourselves with some cookies full of gluten. I’d say we’ve done a good job so far.

I just moved into a new house in Salt Lake, so we had a nice little house warming party. We have a rad outdoor living room with some cool rustic benches and whiskey barrel halves. Summer nights with friends in a good spot. Can’t complain.

@robdelaney, @philo_quotes, @GoPro. I feel like those three provide a good dose of comedy, realization, and entertainment.

Dead Man’s Bones – a little band out of LA who’s front man happens to be Baby Goose aka Ryan Gosling. "Pa Pa Power" and "Lose Your Soul" are a couple of my top picks.
Youth Lagoon – "17." My favorite track on their album. Heard it while camping in Moab and couldn’t stop listening to it for days.
The Head and the Heart – Little dose of indie folk for those drives into the mountains.
Mr. Little Jeans – They do a super good cover to "The Suburbs" by Arcade Fire. More electronic and ambient. Good summer jams.
Fleetwood Mac – Always got to keep some classics in the mix.

Blake Nyman by heather hansman on Grooveshark