‘Blackout’ – The Movie

A movie brought to you by the B&E Show and Inspired Media Concepts

From Inspired Media Concepts -- Ya’ll about to witness the first ever B&E movie, BLACKOUT! This is a gathering of the three episodes we have produced this season and some unseen sh*t…

Blackout is first and foremost an hip hop album from Redman and Method Man. So this movie is based upon this album using the personas of the MC’s as our alter egos. Redman has being B-Dog and Method Man, E’dollo. This movie is edited upon flow & lyrics… MC’s on Skis.

This movie has been made for the most part by Henrik Harlaut and Phil Casabon alongside with two segments provided by our man B-Paowlin, aka Paul Bergeron, and our filmier and friend, Prince Roakim, aka Joakim Aslund. Brought to you in a partnership by the B&E squad and Inspired Media Concepts. Enjoy. INSPIRED! PEACE! … featuring Phil Casabon, aka B-Dog, and Henrik Harlaut, aka E’dollo.