Every day at POWDER, we have the privilege to escape into skiing. Whether that happens in the mountains on a storm day or on the tailgate of a truck in a melted out parking lot or in the pages of our magazine, we have a place to go where nothing else matters but the next turn.

But right now, there is something that matters much more than skiing, something we cannot escape or ignore. We cannot be silent about the deaths of Black people caused by the systemic racism and police brutality in our country.

With that in mind, we also feel this is our time to be quiet and listen. We are humbly joining Alishia McCullough (@blackandembodied) and Jessica Wilson (@jessicawilson.msrd) in their effort to #amplifymelanatedvoices and will not post any of our own content on social media from June 1 through June 7.

If you’re looking for our usual content, you can still come here to find it here on the website. However, we’ll be taking this time to mute our content on social media and listen to Black voices there instead. We’re using this list of resources to help deepen our anti-racism work. We know we have much to learn and work to do. Skiing can wait.

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