Billy’s night was all-time.  Friday October 24 the Salt Lake Ski community, friends, family, people from all over came out to watch Billy on the big screen in his own segment on Warren Miller’s new release ‘Children of Winter’.  He skied so solid, the segment was welll done – thanks to everyone at Warren Miller – very impressive the way they honored Billy and the way they handled the situation.  After the movie came the celebrating/fundrasing sponsored by Spyder, Smith, Discrete headwear, ROXY, Hestra, Black Diamond, Levitation Project,  and Points North Heli-adventures inc.   You should have seen Mongoose (Will Wissman) and Adam (Cobra) Clark getting so rowdy til 5am talking hella shit to each other – all good, and so funny.  Everyone was in the best of spirits.  No one really took pics, but we celebrated handily.  Actually, Keith Carlsen was taking pics with his Holga, maybe he’ll have some sick pics.  Anyway, I wanted to post something on the blog – but aint got no pics of the night.  We def made Billy proud.  Between the Salt Lake and Park City after parties on fri/sat – brought in a total of approximately $5,800.  Plus Billy’s foundation gets the door from Abravanel hall’s Warren Miller door sales.  2800 people at $25 a pop – should add up nicely after administrative fees.  I’m stoked for Phyllis, Billy’s mom, and am excited to participate in getting these kids out to ski once the foundation is up and running.  I know it’s a fair statement to say we all had a great time over the weekend celebrating our hero.            RIP Homey                                                                                                                                                                                         julian carr                 billystandupguy.jpgbpoole_d_362.jpgbillypoole.jpgl_e79845fbdf11cf947304215a898b07db.jpgbillylenas.jpgbillyjulian.jpgbillynails.jpgbillyroad.jpgn546749825_342010_5457.jpg2249645834_cd3b4c68af.jpgn546749825_342009_5160.jpgpickledegg.jpgbillyjulian2.jpgbillycardiff.jpgbillybrandonjulian5am.jpgl_6c354ac7d550d1973d7a50926495a738.jpgbillyjulian3.jpgPHOTOS:  will wissman  /  adam clark