Best Day Ever: Sandy Boville

Spring, sun and smiles at Mount Seymour closing day

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Sandy Boville, a.k.a the Breakthrough Performer at the 2013 POWDER Awards, blew us away with his creative skiing in the closing segment of Toy Soldiers Productions film Act Natural. He spent the spring getting shots that will probably impress us again. This is his best day of the year.

As told to Heather Hansman:

I spent the month of April on a film trip with Johnny Durst, Shay Lee, and Gill Montgomery from Toy Soldiers. We started off at the Orage Masters, then we went to Utah for a week, then back to Sun Valley for the Level 1 shoot, then to Montana to regroup, then Seattle, then Vancouver. The four of us were crammed in Shay's Subaru wagon with all of our stuff. It smelled horribly by the end with all of the food and dirty boots and farts.

At the end of the month we ended up at Mount Seymour, B.C., for closing day. I think what made it so good was that the day before it was raining super hard. The first day we went out for two hours and got drenched, so our expectations the next morning were low. That day seemed gloomy again, but then the sun came out, and everyone was skiing in T-shirts.

Remember fun? Sandy does. PHOTO: Gill Montgomery

Mount Seymour isn't a huge mountain, but there are good trees and cliffs you can hit on the way to the park, and they had two different jump lines set up.

Everyone was waiting in the lineup, but we started running through, hitting the jumps, and snaking everyone. Since it was the end of the trip we were filming--we had cameras with us--but we weren't really worried about getting super quality footage. We were just out there skiing. And it was closing day, so there was music and a ton of people.

I don't always get days like that that much anymore. When you're filming, it's a little bit more serious. You have a timeframe, and usually when you show up to a certain place you have a goal. This time, our goal was to have fun. It was a nice break, especially after the previous three weeks.

They had a triple jump line with super small kickers. Shay and I were trying to do trains and front flip everything. We were all over the place. Shay actually did a switch front flip and almost landed on some guy.

Grab and go. PHOTO: Gill Montgomery

Then we put on our summer clothes and went down to Vancouver to meet up with some friends. We played pitch and putt with a backpack full of drinks, which rounded out a full perfect day.

For my ideal ski day, the number one thing is sun. I think sun makes everything that much better. You're not worried about being cold and that sets the mood for the day. Obviously a good group of friends is important, but if it's spring it makes it even better. That's my favorite time.