At the 19th Annual Powder Awards in Breckenridge, Colorado, Teton Gravity Research, Henrik Harlaut, and Elyse Saugstad took home the biggest prizes of the night. See more images, a complete list of winners, and the recap here.

And watch the entire show here.

Held in Breckenridge for the third straight year during the Dew Tour, the Powder Awards welcomes skiers to the red carpet before a standing-room-only show. PHOTO: David Reddick

Photographer Jeff Cricco and Jeff Robertson in front of the image that made them one of five nominees for the 2019 Photo of the Year. PHOTO: Jamie Walter

The men behind Born In Chamonix, Daniel Rönnbäck (left) and Tof Henry (center) traveled to Breck from Sweden and France, respectively. PHOTO: Jamie Walter

DJ Viking spins for the skiers. PHOTO: David Reddick

‘Twas a colorful evening in the Riverwalk Center. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Angel Collinson, Elyse Saugstad, and Jackie Paaso represent the vanguard of women’s skiing. PHOTO: Jamie Walter

Host Matt Sterbenz kept the crowd entertained with personal anecdotes of his days as a competitive skier, and a handstand contest. PHOTO: Liam Doran

The audio and visual elements of the Powder Awards alone make it a must on the skier’s bucket list. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Host Matt Sterbenz and Best Line presenters Johnny Collinson watch the Best Line nominees. PHOTO: David Reddick

Johnny Collinson embraces Tof Henry with his award for Best Line. PHOTO: David Reddick

Photo of the Year went to photographer Nic Alegre and Elyse Saugstad for what Director of Photography David Reddick called perhaps one of the finest ski photos he’s ever seen. You can find the photo, shot in Monte Lussari, Italy, in the POWDER January Photo Annual issue now on newsstands. PHOTO: Liam Doran

Roy Tuscany of the High Fives Foundation, the official non-profit partner of the Powder Awards, poses with the winner of the Photo of the Year auction as hosted by Tuscany. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Photo of the Year creators Nic Alegre and Elyse Saugstad. PHOTO: Jamie Walter

Alegre and Saugstad celebrate backstage with Powder’s Executive Editor, Matt Hansen. PHOTO: David Reddick

TGR’s Todd Jones gives credit where it’s due to the editor of TGR’s Far Out, Blake Campbell, for Best Post Production. PHOTO: Jamie Walter

Skiers from the crowd competed against each other to win one of the 4’x 6′ photo red carpet photo prints, forming one of the best moments in the show’s 19-year history. PHOTO: Liam Doran

Sterbenz looks on to Best Line nominee Christina Lustenberger pointing ’em straight in Sherpas Cinema’s Children of the Columbia. PHOTO: Liam Doran

Cody Townsend accepts second place in the Powder Poll, cleverly extolling the virtues of finishing as the runner-up for the fourth year in a row. PHOTO: Jamie Walter

Matchstick Productions’ Scott Gaffney, who directed Best Documentary winner Hoji, and Angel Collinson share a moment backstage. PHOTO: David Reddick

As the presenter of the Best Powder award, POWDER Executive Editor Matt Hansen delivers a passionate ode to skiing deep powder snow. PHOTO: Liam Doran

Parker White sends a dub 10 over the Mount Baker road gap to win Best Air. PHOTO: Liam Doran

Eric Hjorleifson and Scott Gaffney pulled in a much deserved win for Best Documentary for the MSP film Hoji. PHOTO: David Reddick

Hoji and Gaffney. PHOTO: David Reddick

Powder Poll second place finisher Michelle Parker reminds the audience of what the late great Sarah Burke taught her: “A rising tide lifts all boats.” PHOTO: Jamie Walter

Todd Jones and the TGR crew win the big enchilada, Movie of the Year, for Far Out. It was their fifth Movie of the Year award. PHOTO: David Reddick

Henrik Harlaut, who won Best Male Performance for a once-in-a-generation performance in The Regiment, and Tof Henry, who took home Best Line and Breakthrough Performer, won big at the 19th Annual Powder Awards. PHOTO: Jamie Walter

The Powder Awards officially kicked off the 2018-19 winter. Let’s go skiing! PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen