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Behind the Cover: October 2015

Behind the lens of the October 2015 issue, "The Swiss Issue"

“Get to Engelberg as fast as possible.” Photographer Oskar Enander had never met skier Dana Flahr before. but conditions were that good and a blue day was in the forecast. Flair didn’t need to be told twice, and he left Zermatt for Engelberg in haste. The two skied all day. The snow was crisp, the sun was bright, and despite having just met, they worked well together. The proof is on the cover, a photo taken above the alpine at the end of a long day of skiing, just as the lifts were closing down. —Julie Brown

Oskar Enander joined the Swedish invasion to Engelberg, Switzerland, in 2002. he became a photographer after dropping out of engineering school. He is also colorblind. This is his third POWDER cover.