On the Cover
On their last day in Haines, Alaska, photographer Oskar Enander and skier Matilda Rapaport were up with the sun in hopes of skiing a face they had eyed before the weather shifted. While waiting for the right light, the pair attempted a warm-up run on what they thought was a smaller line. “When I saw Matilda on top of the run, it was pretty obvious that it was bigger and steeper than we thought,” says Enander. Sometimes the warm-up is everything but.

Behind the Lens
It only took one winter in Chamonix, France, to convince Swedish photographer Oskar Enander to make the Alps his home. His first photo submission to POWDER, or any magazine, won the 2003 Photo of the Year award. This is his fourth POWDER cover, his second this volume.

The December issue (44.4) of POWDER is on sale now.