Henrik Harlaut earning his best style award
Phil Casabon couldn't ski the comp but still a crowd favorite.
Alex Beaulieu-Marchand 270 into the deep end
Quarter pipe take off to jump landing followed by rail,  Alex Beaulieu-Marchand has lots of skills
Max Hill and Jossi Wells signing autographs
Henrik Harlaut doesn't have a rainbow on the flag around his neck but he has one under his feet. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Tom Wallisch Crowd pleasing back flip nose grab over the Henrik Harlaut doll
Tom Wallisch Jossi Wells and Max Hill admiring the course gave that left plenty of sore necks after the first day, just too many features to check out.
Henrik Harlaut  mid Double with a lot of of course to go
These guys were barraging people with snowballs as they passed by on the cat track, European crowds never disappoint
Yet another massive air by Emile Bergeron
Henrik Harlaut and Candide Thovex pre Champagne shower

Welcome to the Best Competition in Skiing

A photo gallery from the truly unique B&E Invitataional

Everything about the B&E Invitational is different, and quite frankly better than your average competition. Henrik Harlaut and Phil Casabon, the two brains and brawn behind the event have been perfecting these five days for three years now. Each year they invite 22 of their favorite skiers and two fan selected riders to Les Arcs, France. This group of skiing's best does everything from airport arrival to airport departure together. They interact more like a group of old college buds on a ski trip than competing athletes. Hilarious communal meals, late night dice games, everyone in one epic hotel, and skiing on the most creative and perfect course in freeskiing all makes for a happy bunch at Chez Boubou, the local watering hole every night.

Two days of practice in perfectly warm and sunny spring days leads to four hours of perfectly warm and sunny competition. The only structure regulating the jam format competition was splitting the sessions into two hours for best run, followed by two hours for best trick. Judging was even simpler. After the final tricks and the sun went down, the riders were given a sheet with each skier's name and four boxes. They were instructed to check one for best trick, best style, best run, and best overall. The live stream allowed viewers around the world to vote on the public choice award, which went to Candide Thovex. Harlaut took home all other prizes. Harlaut, being the nicest guy ever, went well beyond the 10 percent homie rule and divided all of his $10,000 prize among the other competitors.
—Topher Baldwin