The Base Grind, November 5th

Politics and the Hot Possie

Go Vote
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Hey, you! If you're not one of the millions of Americans currently heating their homes by burning the thousands of pounds of political mailers piling up on their doorstep, you might not have realized that there's a national election coming down the block this upcoming Tuesday. Not only will you get to decide who you want to play basketball in the South Lawn, but you will likely be available to vote for one of several congressmen or women and a boatload of elected officials. So log out of the TGR/Newschoolers forums and get your ass down to the polls. Considering the environmental record of the politicians who represent you, it should be the duty of anyone who enjoys their time in the mountains. Isn't that you?

Keystone Opening Day

The Hot Possie's Colin Kirkpatrick, Jon Hartman, and Ian Kirkpatrick scaring all the kids at Keystone with their tight pants and references to Lucifer. PHOTO: COURTESY KEYSTONE

Keystone got their park turned on for the season this weekend, and everyone from the Hot Possie to your mom's friend's boyfriend's nephew showed up to blind each other with dayglo and hurtle down the icy slope on dull edges.

Sandy Shredding

A crew from Ski The East made it down for the storm skiing, and by all accounts scored. PHOTO: GREG BUZULENCIA

In the wake of Sandy, West Virginia still attracted intrepid backcountry skiers from as far away as Vermont to make the haul through downed trees and power lines to skin and shred the two to four feet that fell from the storm. The unofficial launching pad for various missions was Canaan Valley's Whitegrass cross-country and backcountry ski area. License plates from across the East converged to skin in the mornings and clink beers in the afternoon after bagging October turns in heavy but incredibly deep snow. I'm not sure anyone anticipated preseason pow skiing in the Appalachians as the silver lining to this incredible storm.

Sämi Ortlieb's BIRDS
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Sämi Ortlieb is a new European addition to the Line stockade who got a lick of filming in when the Meatheads shredded his home terrain of Schwanden, Switzerland. He's weird (i.e. interesting) in a way we don't see often out of young bucks. This short shred film he made, BIRDS, illustrates the point. Weird animations, French songs, and artsy low-light skate Super8 shots. It feels like my Friday night in Portland, Maine, this week, which was kind of like Seattle in the '90s; grungy fans of art wearing hideously unmatching outfits, hygiene going out of style like bell-bottoms, general confusion between who's homeless and who's not, sophisticated tastes in art and food.

Armada Celebrates Ten Years…
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…with a video chock-full of classic bangers from old PBP films. J.F. Cusson's enormous cork 5 mutes and double-tweaked alley-oop mute, Tanner doing the first switch 450 on, 270 out ever at Parkasaurus, Julien Regnier's 7 with a delicious safety held all the way through, and J.P. Auclair skiing the loop at Mount Hood.

…And We Celebrate Some More

Hey, speaking of old dudes we still like to watch ski, Orage's Swiss Family Vacation Part 4 brings together Phil Casabon, J.P. Auclair, and Mike Nick in the park at Laax, Switzerland. If watching J.P. toss perfect backflip mutes in the park wasn't enough of a treat, we also get treated to a classic Mike Nick cab 5 liu-kang. Chances are you haven't seen that grab with that poke in a loooong time.