Simon Dumont's American Stimulus
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Simon Dumont and his business partner at Empire Attire have just started an Indiegogo campaign to raise $25,000 to aid the transition of their entire manufacturing and design process from China back to the U.S. Empire Attire, maker of ugly gloves since 2007, is hoping your investment, which will be rewarded with heavily discounted product, will help them and their partners retrofit a factory, re-work their distribution and design process, and re-train American workers. We hope by "re-training American workers" they mean "hire a different design team from the one that made all those Monster Energy hats you see in gas stations." Godspeed.

Más Openings y Nieve

Mount Snow's launch pad. PHOTO: MOUNT SNOW

Out East, Mount Snow will open a small park as a fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy victims. If you can't make it up for the fundraiser, we highly suggest doing whatever you can to help those in need in New York and New Jersey after Sandy. On the West Coast, a large storm is working its way east, unloading as much as 18 inches on its way past Lake Tahoe and B.C. and toward Montana, Utah, and Colorado.

Few Words Announces North American Tour Dates

Candide on premiere night. PHOTO: QUIKSILVER

A couple thousand lucky ski fans here in North America will get the chance to kiss the hand of the god of grace himself come late November. Candide Thovex's Few Words documentary will be premiering in Toronto, Boulder, Salt Lake City, and Whistler starting November 27. We can only assume the lack of East Coast stops is a product of some terrible experience Candide had while competing at his first Winter X Games at Vermont's Mount Snow. Maybe the base lodge didn't have any crêpes? Information about the premieres can be found here.

Obama "Up in the air" for Ski Industry

Will Obama's empathy for pow seekers lead him to create better small-business policy in his second-term?

The implications of the results of Tuesday's presidential election for the ski industry's small businesses is "up in the air" according to Skiing Business' Mark Mangelsdorf. Congress is still divided, but Obama's team claims to be amicable to better policies for small businesses, particular as it concerns tax and health care policies. The other implication of Tuesday's election is that we should see a lot more of Mitt Romney on the slopes of Deer Valley this winter, as his recent defeat has left him with a lot more time to work on his slalom turns and authentic grin.

Russian Steeze

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It's good to hear that despite all the negative things we may hear about Vladimir Putin these days, he still hasn't cracked down on shredding. While American ski movies would have you believe they're the only ones to have slid a handrail in Moscow, the city's Life Steeze Media crew is the homegrown version of America's Stept crew. They get after it, even making sure to include lots of threatening grimaces and ski tosses.

#yolo: Jordan Spohr

Jordan Spohr, not stealing things from Rite-Aid. PHOTO: RYAN HACKBARTH

With the quantity of clean-cut young jocks making their way into the freestyle side of the sport these days, it's nice to know there are a few kids out there with some edge. Moment skier Jordan Spohr talks about his high school experience of breaking through the ceiling of a Tahoe Rite-Aid in whitie-tighties and a cape, getting caught and taken to juvy. Head over to BroBomb for the full read.