The Base Grind: Friday’s News Roundup for July 20th

Ski movies, remembering Sarah, and the return of style

It's trailer time.

Words: Ryan Dunfee

The Return of Style?

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Compared to summers past, I’m noticing far fewer double corks and super-spins in these Windells edits. You have to go all the way to the end of the video to find comp jock Bobby Brown doing one. But if the tail grab on Nicky Keefer’s cork 9 at 3:30 is any indication, we have some seriously radical style coming down the line.

Trailer Time

Level 1's trailer for Sunny highlights what appears to be a season of increasingly impractical jibs (Leigh Powis, anyone?) that should prove more interesting to watch than the typical eight-kink-50-switch up sessions of movies past, along with plenty of pow, jumps, and hopefully another salivating segment from Parker White. While the winter that wasn't forced TGR to drop all plans and move the show to Alaska for practically the entire season like everyone else, their new movie The Dream Factory took a different approach, focusing on the history of Alaska and picks up where Steep and Swift.Silent.Deep. left off with the development of heli skiing there in the ’90s and the cowboy lifestyle of AK's first breed of steep skiers. If they can combine that history with some better-than-brainless insight from today's athletes and the usual insane hijinks on skis, this could be an awesome step out of the ski-porn mold. And I have to mention my excitement for GPSY Feeling's T.A.Z. (Temporary Autonomy Zone) trailer since Léo Taillefer and his French cronies are completely insane, always make entertaining videos, and finally got some snow to shoot this year.

New Newschoolers Rating System

A graph in a ski publication. PHOTO: NEWSCHOOLERS

My biggest gripe about summer Internet skiing is that Newschoolers' rating system is totally misleading when I want to give props to the latest kid in braces dropping a sick edit to Method Man or totally rip on a kid whose outerwear setup for next year is way lame. Thank God the pioneers of online communities, our partners at Newschoolers, have devised a new rating system so that the average score and number of votes for a particular post or feature will be taken into account. Armchair quarterbacks unite!!

Freeskier's Sarah Burke Memorial Issue

Believe in Sarah. PHOTO: FREESKIER

The hottest ski coach I ever had and freeskiing's most powerful female presence was remembered in a free commemorative issue of Freeskier that dropped this week. Between celebrations at the Winter X Games and Whistler this winter, her hometown renaming a street after her, and the news that she'll be inducted in the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame without ever having competed in an Olympics, you can't deny how far-reaching and deep Sarah's influence was on skiing, sport, and women. As sad as it is to be reminded of her passing, it is an enormous milestone for our tiny sport of skiing to call a women's pioneer like Sarah one of our own.