New Kids on the Block

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Two young guns who will be really, really fun to watch throughout their career won big this week. Sandy Boville took home Breakthrough Performer at the Powder Awards and Parker White climbed to 2nd place at Linecatcher with a stellar run including a cork 7 inside mute tweaked to all hell. After the mix of huge styled-out airs and fearless big-mountain charging in Parker's last two Level 1 segments, plenty of people were excited to see him in a contest like Linecatcher, and his performance lived up to all expectations.

2013 Breakthrough Performer
Red Bull Linecatcher 2013

Bear Creek Rumble

Tom Chapman, the controversial land developer notorious for his real estate meddling in Colorado wilderness, recently announced plans to start a "ski resort" in the Bear Creek backcountry zone off of Telluride, which seems like a thinly-veiled move to charge skiers and riders for accessing the legendary zone by throwing in a warming hut at the bottom for hot cocoa and possibly some avie control and snowcat and heli skiing.

Tom Chapman's plans for a ski resort next to Telluride stirs locals

Warming world

Evidence that climate change is already under way is piling up, as 2012's global average temperature, despite "barely" cracking the top ten hottest years on record since 1880, would have smashed all previous records fifteen years ago. It was the 36th consecutive year of above-average temperatures.

State of the Climate Global Analysis: Annual 2012

Broome Hut Opens

Backcountry skiers who frequent Berthoud Pass got a new place to rest their legs since the Broome Hut, a 16-bed backcountry lodge a mile and half from the former ski area opened for reservations. It has eco-friendly construction and amenities and is a quick mile-long walk away from the trailhead. Better get on it!

Energy Drinks Possibly, Just Maybe, Bad For Your Health

Dr Steve Sun. photo Eric Risberg/AP

While sales of energy drinks increasing 17 percent in 2011, physicians have noted a definite increase in people suffering from "irregular heartbeats, anxiety, and heart attacks" tied to energy drink consumption, which doesn't exactly sound like the best way to give yourself wings for a powder day. While the case load is still small (20,000 total emergency room visits in a pool of 136,000,000), the FDA will still be investigating energy drink safety issues this spring, while beverage manufacturers maintain that this most recent survey takes its findings out of context, not accounting for the overall health of patients in the study or their overall caffeine intake from all sources.

Brody Leven Says Skip A Meadow

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Sometimes in this era of edge-pushing and triple corks, it's just as good to put the work in to do some meadow skipping.

December Days with Dylan Siggers

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Siggers is another unsung POV hero, always putting out fun edits with face-smacking pow and the classic crowd favorite, the selfie backflip.