The Base Grind: December 9

This week's news

Voluerz Closes

Harvey Li, Darren Rayner, and Bruce Giovando recently announced that after nine years, Voluerz is closing up shop. We'll be sorry to see 'em go--thanks for partying.

Utah Public Lands Debate Lights Up Again

House Representatives Rob Bishop (R-OH) and Stevan Pearce (R-NM) have asked Speaker John Boehner to consider selling public lands in the West as a way to bring down the deficit, adding a new layer to the contentious debate, particularly in Utah, over the future and purpose of wild lands.

Hip Nasty

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There have been exactly three hips that have ever made any difference to the ski community. The first was at POWDER Superpark when Tanner did an enormous flat 3. The second one was a year later, the 120-footer that Candide simply cleared, logging three or four seconds of hangtime during a 3 tail and cork 5. The third is the June hip, which has been in countless Poor Boyz movies. With June Mountain's future uncertain, we hope it inspires other mountains.

Real Skiing on Moderately Sized Mountains

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Despite the lack of snowy weather and occasional spitting rain, shit is heating up on the East Coast. Or maybe they're actually connected?

KSL Moves on Whistler

KSL Capital Partners, the same equity firm currently wrestling massive change out of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows, recently bought a 24 percent interest in Whistler Blackcomb. How much does ¼ of Whistler go for? $116 million, and you don't even get to cut the line at Sushi Village.

An Icelandic Box of Chocolates

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Despite initially coming off as some weird spiritual nerd, Chad Sayers is really growing on me. I think it might be the GS turns made of pure silk. Jordan Manley should really think about making some sort of documentary that involves skiing; I think he might be the one guy who could pull it off.