Chris Rubens Backcountry Camp

You too can ski like Chris Rubens. Maybe. PHOTO: GARRETT GROVE

Totally rad big-mountain shredder Chris Rubens, who nailed his first POWDER cover this volume, will be hosting a backcountry freeskiing camp at Roger's Pass, British Columbia this winter to teach people how to be similarly rad. Don't get your hopes up, dentists.

Tanner Hall Soundboard

Boom boom connect. PHOTO: TANNER HALL

Showing an uncommon sense of self-deprecation, Tanner Hall recently put up a new Soundboard section on his website that lets you play all your favorite T-Hall quotes like "Boom boom connect!," "Real skiing on real mountains!" and the theatrical "My ankles are broken!!!"

Backcountry Packing


With bases filling in across the country, chances are you're about to earn some of your first backcountry turns in the coming days or weeks. Chances are you forgot that you need to pack more than a beacon, shovel, probe, and Playboy for summit reading. IFMGA mountain guide Erik Leidecker is thankfully here to remind us what we all need.

Amish Winch

The carbon-neutral alternative to all those diesel-powered super winches jib crews have been using lately.

Cool Shoes by Skiers?

Forsake is a start-up by two skiers and college buddies who want to make stylish all-weather waterproof footwear that holds up for ski hill parking lots, après dance floors, and dates, and can still hike a mountain or two. I've had a pair of Nike 6.0 high-tops with rugged tread and decent waterproofing that mimic these quite a bit, and they are awesome and bridge that inconvenient gap between useless skate shoe and overkill Arctic boot. Not to mention that skiers, never known to push the limits of real-world fashion, are actually designing a very clean product here. Give 'em some of your dough on Kickstarter so you can rock these as soon as possible; they're already $60K on their way to a cool $100,000.

Skier's Guide to Denver Dive Bars

For those looking for spots to both ski and jib in Denver, peruse the above video.

Attention all alcoholics! Trendy food site Denver Eater recently caught up with the lord of the local ski cult The Hot Possie, Jon Hartman, for a guide on his favorite dive bars in the Mile High City. As evidenced by any Hot Possie video ever, this guy knows how to drink, so the advice should be stellar. Congrats to Hartman for signing with Moment Skis, making him the oldest park skier to sign a new contract in skiing history.

Sierra Club vs. KSL & Squaw

The Sierra Club has made a call to action to stop KSL's development plan for the Squaw Valley base village, which includes thousands of condominium and hotel units, parking garages, and a massive adventure and aquatic center.