Time of the Hood Season

Ah yes, Indian Beach. I have fond memories of shitting my pants after the plethora of seals in the line-up convinced me I was going to get eaten by a great white and never get to write that opus on action sports culture I'd always intended. Unfortunately, without a Mister T-sized beard a la Shea Flynn, I didn't bring any sort of style to the greater Oregon coast. Luckily, Shea, who has more style than pretty much anyone has cared to notice, is rocking that beard on the glacier, scaring people, and cracking hearty jokes in between stellar alley-oop 3 safeties and all sorts of lazy-like jibness. Look for kids to spend the next calendar year growing out their peach fuzz into a haggard mess of blonde moss before next year's summer season at Hood. Check it out here.

Chile Opens the Door to IF3

The South American ski scene rarely gets a chance to present anything culturally or competition-wise on its own. But with last year's Eye of the Condor competition, more and more Red Bull events, and the most recent expansion of the International Freeski Film Festival into Santiago this summer, Chile is opening doors for the expansion and legitimization of the hometown ski scene.
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The Heat is Over. Is It Over?

After a dry-ass summer of record temps from the East Coast to Salt Lake, it seems that we've mostly crested the hill of insanely high temperatures. That means we're one step closer to opening day, when that first early-season storm convinces us all to tromp around in the snow-covered grass and get a lot of core shots. Then again, I could have just jinxed us all.

June Starts Brainstorming

After the town of June Lake got another piece of bad news—a Senate Bill that would cut the funds to fish hatcheries, one of June's few non-tourism industries—the Mono County Supervisors held a special meeting on Tuesday to address how to save the town and resort. Ideas included a Transient Occupancy Tax that would allow second-home owners to rent out their homes in June Lake, increasing bed space, and using the County Contingency Fund to better market June Lake as a wintertime destination, instead of just overflow capacity for Mammoth. Mammoth still has 180 days to come up with an operational plan for June.

The FreerideZone Gets Hitched

If you were in the East Coast ski scene during the 2001-2006 you'll appreciate the announcement that Anthony Chavez, who founded Freeridezone.com while in middle school in Connecticut, got hitched this past weekend in Aspen to his longtime love, Dani McCallum. Those who remember the influence of one of freeskiing's first centers of online content creation and Chavez's obsessive inclusion of hard-core punk music in all his edits will be inclined to smile at this news. Congrats, Danthony McChavez.