Ce La Vie

In a serious nod to the anticipated impacts of climate change, one medium-sized French resort already suffering spotty seasons has made the decision to dismantle most of its lifts and focus on cross-country skiing and more summertime activities. Government officials acknowledging climate change and actually modifying behavior in anticipation of it? That's fundamentally un-American (at the Congressional and Federal level)! Thank God only the French will feel the effects.


Skiing Business' Ryan Dionne recently put up a good interview looking into the unfolding of the wannabe-sort-of-an-empire, CoreUpt Skis. I think it had something to do with signing Candide… and then TJ Schiller… and then Kevin Rolland… and then Justin Dorey… and then, well, you get the idea.

Five Years

Also according to Skiing Business, "alpine skiing" participation (however that is defined differently from "freestyle skiing") is at a five year low, and somehow, telemarking is up. Goddamn hippies!

Popeye El Esquiador

It's apparent that the Latino community, largely devoid of skiing role models, has looked to dubbing old Popeye episodes in Spanish. While the technique instruction is wildly inaccurate, they introduce one ski bum hallmark with dead accuracy: fist-fighting other bums for the only girl in town.

Illegal Jibbigrants

Stept Productions launched the trailer for their 2013 film The Eight Six this week, which shows up the rest of the rule-abiding ski elite by depicting the real battles of skiing's most hardened criminals, who shame their families with their arrest records listing felonies like "running around Broncos stadium in goofy clothes" and "sliding hand railings meant for the elderly." So hard, so hard!

Victory for the Masses

Both inaugural issues of both POWDER and Freeskier feature a skier doing a straight air on the cover. Does that mean straight airs are cool now? If so, that means I can maintain my dignity while sucking in the park this year, since I'll be able to bitch at all the younger kids for not having correct mid-air pole position.

Summer in New England Gets Shut Down, Too

After a snowless winter and a hot, humid, and wave-less summer, you'd think at least a relaxing vacation to Cape Cod might do the New England skier some good. But that's until a Great White shark nearly kills you after you try to go bodysurfing with your son. New England is just getting shut down left and right… mountain biking, anyone?