Enter the Weird
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Ski The East recently interviewed Line Europe skier and Traveling Circus underdog Sami Ortlieb. Hurrah for more weirdos with splendid style.

Be on The Lookout

Tahoe's Good Enough crew recently had their computer with all the footage from their 2012 season stolen. If you happen upon a laptop with lots of clips of Jason Arens' stellarly-grabbed 540's, please report it at facebook.com/good.enough1313

Stoked and Honored

JP Auclair, likely stoked and honored about something at IF3. PHOTO: IF3

The International Freeski Film Festival chose their favorite videos for their 2012 awards ceremony, taking place this September in Montreal. Expect the nominees to use the words "stoked" and "honored" an inordinate number of times in their social media posts from now through September.

Inspired Demo Tour Praises Jah Across America

Your three favorite aliased jibbers: E-Dollo, B-Paul, and B-Dog (not to be confused with Nate Dogg, or other dogs) will be spreading the good word of funky style, gangster-ass clothing, and the hoodiest hood shit all winter long during the Inspired Demo Tour. The 66-day, 50-stop tour will visit all the forgotten and ignored corners of the North American ski world, namely everywhere east of Denver. At any rate, skiing's smoothest and most murdered-out jib midgets will be dropping nollies, tail presses, and mad blunts on hills like Greek Peak, New York, Minnesota's Mount Kato, and the suspiciously-named Nordic Mountain in Wisconsin, which we hope has some downhill skiing as well.

SIA & X Games No Longer Scheduled by Morons

Snow sport's two biggest annual gatherings, the Winter X Games and the Snowsports Industry Association Tradeshow, have always tended to overlap on the schedule. This has made late January a struggle for team managers who need to be at two places at once, and made SIA an especially unproductive affair as key staff members struggle to split their schedule between Denver and Aspen. But somehow, the gods of reason and logic have blessed event organizers and helped make the very practical step of separating the two events on the calendar. The Winter X Games will be Jan 24-27 in Aspen, and SIA will take place Jan 31-Feb 3 in Denver.

Squaw Valley: the Future of Extraordinary

With the mountain undertaking a set of futuristic improvements, we can expect numerous Squaw-based athletes on Team USA for the 2058 Space Olympics.

And The Forecast Is…

As close to a real forecast as we're going to get in August.