Alps Resorts are Storing Snow for Next Winter
After a record year in the Alps, a few French resorts are taking zero chances when it comes to moody Mother Nature, collecting and storing snow for next year's early season opening.

Val Thorens and Courchevel began "snow-farming" this week, laying down a reflective tarp on an area roughly the size of 50 soccer fields to preserve the snowpack into next season.

The technique has increasingly popular in recent years, and with rising temperatures and finicky snow levels, Courchevel enters the snow-saving game for the first time.

Mammoth Shuts 'er Down After 220-day Season
After a slow start, Mammoth put together one of the longest winning streaks in ski history, giving us 220 snow-sliding days this season. To put it in perspective, that's longer than: Sean Spicer's press briefings, the Spanish-American War, Britney Spears' first marriage, and my 120-day mourning period for U.S. Men's Soccer. Things it's not longer than: Last season.

Watch of the Week: Inside the World of Skiman
Magnus Graner aka Skiman gives us an inside look at his unprecedented run to X Games Real Ski gold, and just why skiing is so fun with the Bunch boys from Sweden. For those that like a behind-the-scenes look at your favorite skiers, this is an intimate and proper 23 minutes of storytelling.

Random Facebook Quote of the Week: What did the telemarker say when he ran out of weed? "Man, this sport sucks…"

On a mis de la neige au frigo ❄❄ Pour la première fois à Courchevel, on essaye le Snowfarming… Le principe : 20000m3 de neige ont été stockés sous des plaques isolantes et une bâche spéciale sur le stade de slalom Emile-Allais en vue de la Coupe du Monde féminine de ski alpin en décembre prochain. On estime pouvoir garder 15000m3… rendez-vous fin novembre pour le verdict 😉 [ #Courchevel ] _____ For the first time in Courchevel, we are trying the Snowfarming ❄❄ The principle: 20000m3 of snow have been stored under insulation panels and a special tarp on the Emile Allais racing stadium for the next Ladies Alpine Ski World Cup in December. It should remain 15000m3 at the end of November.

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Taylor Lundquist is Cooking with Gas
Repping Park Silly, Utah, Taylor Lundquist recently dropped fire on the freeski game, debuting a season edit topped off with a healthy helping of style and technical rail sense. Expect more from Miss Lundquist next season, but for now you'll have to settle for 2 minutes of visual proof that this girl rips—from the park to the streets.

Dew Tour to return to Breck
After a successful two-year run, Dew Tour re-upped on its Breckenridge membership, announcing that the 2018 winter edition wlll grace Colorado from December 13-18 this year. The announcement follows a big Olympic year and the typical event drop-off, but the Tour says it's back and ready to kick off 2018 with a bang.