‘All.I.Can.’ = Yes.We.Can.

Big week for Sherpas Cinema as film garners critical and popular acclaim

It’s been a big week for Sherpas Cinema. First, the Whistler, B.C.-based production company collected its biggest award yet--Best Feature-Length Mountain Film--for its latest release, All.I.Can., at the Banff Mountain Film Festival on Sunday night. Then came All.I.Can.’s release to iTunes, where in a matter of hours the film climbed to the No. 1 spot as the best-selling film in the Sports and Documentary category in Canada. (It’s now sitting at No. 3 in sales among U.S. sports films on iTunes, behind Tim Tebow: Everything In Between and Travis Rice’s The Art of Flight.) And, finally, now comes the release of a third trailer for All.I.Can., available right here with a click on the player up top.

"We are truly overwhelmed by the stoke and support worldwide," says producer Malcolm Sangster of Sherpas Cinema, in an email today with Powder.com. ” We knew there was a lot of public frothing surrounding the release of All.I.Can., but the response has far surpassed our expectations. You wonder if folks are just pumped on a cool movie or if they actually inspired to change? And the answer is yes, they are motivated by their passion for the outdoors and this film, thus strive toward something new. We receive messages, wall posts, and can-do stories everyday about changing perspectives and opening minds.”

“Here’s one such example,” Sangster continued, quoting a Facebook message from a viewer in Bozeman, Mont: “'It had never occurred to me that it is possible for skiers to be the group of people to change the way the masses look at, and live in the world. Now I see how it is possible.'” -- Tim Mutrie